Hump Day, Fun Day


Went in to work at 7am.  I worked with Jenn to set up the Spring Break launch.  There are actually a bunch of cute stuff out that I might end up buying by next week at the very least.

After work, I somehow ended up at Ulta?  Typical.

L-R: Aqualina Pink Sugar Hair Perfume $ 15, NYX Wonder Pencil in “Light” $4.50, Laura Geller Eye Dew in “Opal” $16, Revolution Vivid Baked Bronzer in “Ready To Go” $6.

Can someone explain to me how these four items rang up to be $40+?  I think I’m going to return the Laura Geller Eye Dew and the Bronzer.  The color pick up for the eye dew looked really nice when I swatched it on the back of my hand, but obviously it’s not the same surface texture as my eyelids.  So when I put it on my eyes it wasn’t as vividly pearlescent for my tastes, even with primer on.  As for the bronzer, it didn’t match the tone of my skin for my liking.  It was kind of orange but the quality is decent for the price.  Maybe I’ll go more in depth with my beauty purchases in a different post.

L-R: Aqualina Pink Sugar Hair Perfume $ 15, NYX Wonder Pencil in “Light” $4.50, Laura Geller Eye Dew in “Opal” $16, Revolution Vivid Baked Bronzer in “Ready To Go” $6.

Afterwards, I went home, got ready, and headed out to Chicago to meet up with Madaine at Bop N Grill.  It was so good to catch up and spend time with her.  We’ve both been so busy with work and life in general that we hadn’t been able to talk (other than on Twitter) or see each other.  I also haven’t eaten at Bop N Grill in ages.  Every time I’ve gone I’ve always gotten a burger, but I wanted to try their plates this time and I’m glad I did.

We filled ourselves up and headed to DePaul to pick up Ryan so we can all drive over to UIC for the event.  I was there mainly to see Ian Eastwood, but the actual program was enlightening.  It was hosted by UIC’s APhiG to raise awareness on Domestic Violence. Between performances they threw in some facts about domestic violence, a lot of which I was aware of from my sociology and psychology courses (school works!).  There were also personal testimonies that almost had me crying in my seat.

Ian performed and it was great. He was out promoting his Dance Mixtape “AdultLessons” (peep that wordplay) with his performance and selling merch.  After, he graciously answered a ton of questions from the crowd and took pictures outside of the room with everyone.  I was so nervous, I couldn’t deal.  He’s just a regular ass kid from Chicago dancing because he loves it but I still lost the ability to speak properly when it was finally my turn to meet him.  He signed my instax and it is now my treasure.  We later saw that we made it onto his snap story as well, so that was pretty cool, nbd *screaming inside*

I dropped Denden off at the Roosevelt station and Ryan and I realized we were extremely hungry so we went to Seven Treasures for 554 and it was such a great idea.  It was the perfect night cap.

I had such a great day.  It was a nice, exciting change of pace from my regular day to day.  It’s going to be hard to come by these kinds of days now that I’m working 2 jobs but I’m gonna try to fit in as much fun as possible because I’m only young once, y’know?